What we do - Inderly IT (Toronto)

Brass tacks. What does an IT company like ours do?

We are an IT support company that does comprehensive monthly IT services for law firms of all sizes.

Who needs a monthly IT package?

Any office whose staff uses computers to do their jobs. If something breaks, you have an IT company to call for help. And we are always working to make sure things don’t break in the first place. We also communicate with website and application vendors proactively to make sure you have the right products, taking an overall view of your business to make sure you are using the best tools at an appropriate price point.

Everyone needs a contingency plan.

Office technology, like a car or a house or anything that we make, fails. Things degrade, hardware breaks eventually, software needs to be maintained.

We plan for failure and have offsite data backups for every client.

For instance, a natural disaster could strike. Or a virus infection (such as “Cryptolocker”) could hold your data hostage. A massive server failure often involves issues with the physical server drives, or software failure.

You don’t want your IT team messing around in your office for a whole day or more trying to fix such problems while you wait, so in the event of an emergency we would move you to your back-up server and keep your business running while we fix the original problem remotely.

Attention to detail and documentation well in advance is important here. You need a contingency plan to keep your business running if there is a major IT problem.

It’s an exciting time for IT.

In the late 1990s, every organization had their own email server which would cost at least $2,000-$3,000 in licensing every 3 years, plus thousands more for a server, and more for IT expertise.

But now you can have your whole work computer, including email and other applications, operating from centralized systems in the cloud for a monthly fee. It’s usually not worth it to have your own big computer (server) sitting in your office needing replacing every few years, at a high cost to you.

Overall with services like our flagship Cloud Office, your work technology is now more secure, easier to operate, and requires less maintenance than ever before.