I trust Colin and his team to keep my law firm up and running and advise us of proactive steps to keep ahead of trouble. They are very responsive and knowledgeable.

Ira Kagan, Kagan Shastri DeMelo Winer Park LLP

We help law firms with cyber security. Good cyber security does not need to be complicated or expensive. However, it does need to be informed and intentional. Read on to learn about the critical cyber security items we cover at Inderly IT.

30-minute video: 5 Ways to Fight Cyber Attacks Without Breaking the Bank

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An essential component to any cyber security and IT support service is data backups. Backups are a copy of all your work data. We turn to them when disaster strikes. Threats to your work data include everything from natural disasters and acts of war to provider outages, hacking, viruses, failed hardware, and lost or misplaced laptops. We are trusted by organizations large and small throughout Canada to provide backup and recovery services in case of emergency. Our clients’ backups are located in two separate Canadian data centres. We hope to never need your backups. But we know they are there if we do.


Work files can get lost, deleted, or hacked, putting important internal and external information at risk. To control these threats, we include critical IT security tools and protocols in our monthly IT support package. We also plan for security systems to fail, keeping data backups in two Canadian data centres.

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Many things can put “business at usual” at risk. Even though a crisis is the last thing you want to think about, it’s where you need to be the most prepared. So when you work with us, we help you maintain an incident response plan to keep your office up and running in case of emergency.

When emergencies happen – hacking, theft, fire, environmental or public health crises – an offsite server keeps you working no matter what.

Our comprehensive IT support service is remote by design. Plus, with the Cloud Office, you are already set up to securely work from home.

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