Plan for your hacking safeguards to fail

  • Posted by Colin Pearce
  • On July 9, 2019

You must plan for your hacking safeguards to fail if you don’t want to lose a ton of money. Another major payoff for “hackers” hit the news. Their ransom cost a Florida town (and their insurance) hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The lesson here is: businesses and organizations must have hacking safeguards in place. But even then, you must have a back-up plan. If not, ransomware can force you to pay huge amounts of money to get your data back.

Are hackers secret geniuses?

No. News media likes to portray hacking events like the people doing them have used unbelievable technical skills to break in to secure systems. But in reality, that’s almost NEVER the case. There are just too many easy targets, so hackers can easily make money without much skill.

Organizations fall victim to hacking and ransomware because their tech team did not follow very basic security protocols. With so many easy targets, hackers are less likely to bother going after companies that have even basic security in place.

How can I protect my data from being taken hostage by hackers?

There are many very inexpensive tools to help prevent hacking like link filtering, and your IT team should be deploying them.

There are many things you can affordably do to protect your data from hacking. But the single most important one is: PLAN for your hacking safeguards TO FAIL.

You HAVE to have offsite back-ups that can’t be touched by your primary systems. Period. If you don’t have those, you aren’t truly protected.

Colin Pearce is Inderly’s CEO.

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