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Data backups: an important part of your IT support services

An essential component to any IT service is data backups. Backups are what we turn to when disaster strikes. We are trusted by organizations large and small throughout Canada to provide backups in case of emergency. That’s why the Cloud Office system itself includes a high level of data security and recovery planning. We plan for bad situations so you can focus on your work. Those situations include natural disasters, acts of war, provider outages, hackers, viruses, failed hardware, and even good old lost laptops. We hope to never have to use your backups. But we know they are there if we ever do. Meanwhile, your work data is protected in two Canadian data centres.

Our monthly price includes all IT support services

You are likely currently paying bit by bit for everything you need with big jumps in cost every few years for servers.

With us, you pay monthly with no unexpected hardware costs.

For Toronto-area businesses and non-profits looking for IT support services, we ask you to tally up your expenses carefully when you are comparing quotes. You might be surprised to find our overall price sits somewhere in the middle range.

$160/user/month INCLUDES the following costs you’d usually have on top:

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