Whether your office runs a business or a non-profit organization, you likely need IT services and are wondering about price.

Who doesn’t like a good deal or discount? While it’s important to find affordable options, in IT like many professional services, the best value comes at a price.

Here’s why what seems like a higher price up front saves money in the long run:

  • Good IT service companies tend to sell outcomes, not hours. Do you feel confident in the quality of your IT service provider? Your peace of mind is worth a lot.
  • Cheap equipment often ends up being expensive. Sometimes discounted equipment will end up costing you more by the time you buy the right adapters, accessories, etc. Old systems can be a money sink.
  • Discounts can mean hidden costs. While we pass along vendor discounts to non-profit clients, for example, we don’t discount our monthly rate. In IT, we tend to get the best value when we pay full price for services.
  • Your office’s staff time is valuable. Very few firms factor time spent internally on IT, and how those hours could be more profitable elsewhere. Often, the most economical choice is paying an expert to do the work in a cohesive way, rather than piece together several cheaper alternatives using staff time.
  • There is a sweet spot when you pay for quality. We don’t deploy products because they are the most expensive, but the best products are almost never the cheapest.
  • Knowledge and experience is comes at a price. At our company, we need to attract the best staff. If we cut corners on staff costs or the tools employees use, we will have problems. Businesses and non-profits alike deserve best-in-class products and services.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s incredibly important that you pay a fair price for your IT services. We have written about watching out for outrageous quotes for work from home/virtual desktop options, and about the savings you can get by buying high-quality refurbished equipment. Pricing transparency and consistency is important, so we advertise our pricing on our website. If you’re unsure if you’re getting the best value, check out our tips for finding an IT company you can trust.

Consider if you are happy with your IT outcomes, and the amount of time you are spending internally on technology issues. Is your IT bill is easy to understand and and are you able to anticipate upcoming IT costs? If you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders because you’ve got an IT partner working proactively for you – great!