Legal billing is undergoing big changes. Here’s what you need to know to prepare!

Thanks to technological advances and changing client expectations, legal billing in Ontario is poised for some big changes. It’s not surprising: as law practices evolve, the need for more accurate, transparent, and timely invoicing becomes paramount. The question is: how do you make the transition if you haven’t already?

Legal bills are traditionally based on hourly rates, which can take a while to prepare and can lead to disputes over billable hours. However, the industry is moving towards more predictable and client-friendly options, including flat fees, subscription-based services, and value-based billing. As a result, law offices need more flexible billing software that can handle different pricing structures, improve efficiency, and comply with Ontario law.

Ontario’s Legal Billing Regulations

In Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) sets forth regulations that govern legal billing practices to ensure fairness and transparency. These regulations require clear, detailed invoices, timely communication of fees, and adherence to agreed-upon billing arrangements. Any billing software used by Ontario law firms must facilitate compliance with these rules, including the ability to itemize services, apply taxes correctly, and provide detailed descriptions of charges.

Tech Solutions for Legal Billing

Several tech solutions available in Canada cater specifically to the needs of Ontario law firms. They offer features that streamline billing processes, improve accuracy, and enhance client satisfaction. Here are some of the most recommended tools:

  • Clio: A leading legal practice management software, Clio offers a wide suite of billing features, including time tracking, customizable invoices, online payments, and detailed reporting. Its compliance with Canadian data protection laws and ability to handle various billing arrangements makes it an excellent choice for Ontario law firms, especially newer ones with fewer than 10 staff.
  • PCLaw: Yes, PCLAW is still kicking! As of 2024, almost 50% of our clients are still using PCLaw with no plans to change. A solution by LexisNexis, PCLaw is designed for Canadian law firms of all sizes. It offers time tracking, billing, accounting, and case management functionalities in one package. Its extensive reporting capabilities help firms stay compliant with Ontario’s legal billing requirements.
  • Soluno: Built by some former members of the PCLaw team, Soluno offers many of the same features as PCLaw in a web-based, modern solution. This software is backed by strong support and provides free conversions from 14 common systems, making it an attractive choice for law firms looking to improve their back-office efficiencies while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • CosmoLex: Another robust option, CosmoLex combines practice management and accounting in one platform, eliminating the need for separate accounting software. Its billing features are designed to ensure compliance with the LSO’s regulations, and it offers a secure, cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of legal billing.
  • uLawPractice: Tailored for the Canadian legal market, uLawPractice is a legal accounting and practice management software that automates compliance with the LSO’s bookkeeping guidelines. Its billing features include automated court form filling, expense tracking, and comprehensive financial reporting.

Embracing Technology for Better Billing

Changing billing software or upgrading existing systems isn’t just about compliance; it’s also about maintaining efficiency, accuracy, and client trust. Modern legal billing solutions automate time-consuming tasks, track expenses in real-time, and integrate with other practice management tools. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also frees up lawyers’ time to focus on their clients’ needs.

Furthermore, today’s clients expect transparency and convenience. Online payment options, electronic invoices, and clear, detailed billing statements meet these expectations and can improve client satisfaction. Legal tech solutions that offer these features while ensuring data security and privacy are becoming indispensable for Ontario law firms.

Working with a Legal Tech Company

While there are many software options on the market, selecting the right one for your firm’s specific needs can be challenging. Working with a legal tech company that understands the best options and how to integrate them into your workflow can lead to major peace of mind.

At Inderly, we specialize in helping law firms in Ontario find and secure the best tech solutions for their practices. Whether you’re looking to source new billing software or upgrade your existing system, we can guide you through the process, ensuring that the software you use not only complies with Ontario laws but also aligns with your firm’s workflow and billing practices.


The future of legal billing in Ontario is clear: it’s moving towards greater efficiency, transparency, and client-centricity. The right technological solutions are key to staying competitive and meeting both regulatory requirements and client expectations. However, selecting and implementing the right billing software requires careful consideration and expertise. By working with a legal tech company, Ontario law firms can navigate these decisions with confidence and stay competitive as the landscape changes.