There is an option that lets you keep existing software.

Clio’s 2023 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Law Firms report is out. Their research finds that only 27% of mid-size firms use cloud-based legal practice management software, compared to 73% of smaller firms.

Moving to browser-based software is a good option for many. But for mid-sized firms looking to embrace the benefits of cloud technology without switching software, there is also another option.

Consider virtual desktops as a way to offer flexible technology to law firm staff

Moving your work files and software to a virtual desktop system allows you choose whether to continue using your existing software, or move to a new browser-based software such as Clio.

Some law firms benefit from keeping the same-old software the firm has been using for a long time. Virtual desktops allow you to do this, and require very little training. A simple login from any computer brings you to all your work files and software. This allows for remote, hybrid, or flexible work arrangements. And, virtual desktops are a secure way to work with critical cyber security features in place. They make for a simpler, more flexible way to work how you always have.

Bonus: a virtual desktop system means no need for a physical server in your office (and all the costs that come with it).

Our virtual desktop system explained in 45 seconds:

For more detailed information about running your older software on virtual desktops, refer to our
2023 IT Services Buyer’s Guide.

Look for a trustworthy IT consultant who can help you with a new technology roadmap

If you’re reading this and overwhelmed by the thought of change, consider finding an IT consultant who can help you talk through the transitions that could help your law firm.

Check out the video recap of our webinar “Helping Your Team With Technology Transitions.”

As more mid-sized law firms move to using more cloud technology, there is an opportunity to do so in a flexible way that helps the business, lawyers, clients, and employees. Ask an IT consultant you trust to help guide you there.