Toronto, there are ways to substantially “green” our workplace IT.
Today as thousands gather downtown, we are witnessing a massive call on governments around the world. People want systemic action on climate change and environmental sustainability.

As a result of this movement, some are wondering about our individual energy consumption at work. How much impact does computer usage have on the environment? Furthermore, what can we do about it?

The answer to both questions is: a lot. Individual computers use a significant amount of energy (processing power). And we also have a tendency to ditch work computers to landfills and incinerators every couple of years.

So I want to take a moment to share a few facts about full cloud hosting platforms such as our Cloud Office system. I hope that by sharing insights into this technology, we can encourage more offices to move to greener IT.

How full cloud computing reduces your office carbon footprint

Cloud hosting entire work computers is cutting-edge “green IT.” Every user of the Cloud Office, for instance, saves on average:

– 100 kWh (kilowatt hour – measurement of energy output) of processing power for each working hour (in other words, each computer now uses less energy)
– 10-15 lbs of toxic e-waste per year through computer life cycle extension (meaning fewer computers are thrown out)

In addition to the above, data processing is no longer being done on each individual computer. Central data centres take care of that, and their processing power is much more efficient.

Essentially, through full cloud hosting, computers become the messenger for people’s work, but the heavy lifting is being done by the data centre.

Now on to the second way in which full cloud hosting helps an office reduce its carbon footprint. A workplace using the Cloud Office system instead of an in-house server saves approximately 400 kWh of server and cooling power.

Our data centre houses and cools servers using industry-leading passive cooling technology, helping consume much less energy.

Easily moving your office to greener IT

We know a reduction in computer waste and energy usage is good for the environment.

But is this an easy system, and can offices afford it?

The answer to both questions is: yes. A solid IT services provider can help put an office on a full cloud hosting platform. Another bonus for most workplaces is that full cloud hosting is actually more affordable than traditional IT.

Overall, an office using full cloud hosting reduces its computing carbon footprint by about 50%. Win-win.

The environmental benefits we have calculated are all before any reduction in travel due to easier remote work.

Office computer technology such as the Cloud Office is the future of green IT services in cities like Toronto. By embracing this technology, we can mitigate our environmental impact at work.