Office technology changes just as fast as the rest of it.

It feels impossible to keep track of all the Instagrams, TikToks, and Discords of the social media world.

And then on top of that, changing computers, software, the cloud, video calling, chatting, password management and cyber security stuff. The amount of information out there and the different options are seemingly endless.

If our business bought every piece of technology available we’d be broke. And our team definitely wouldn’t be happy with learning it all either.

What’s the secret to knowing when not to change technologies?

If you are thinking of making a change to your office technology, here’s our secret: ask yourself, do you really need to make a change? Sometimes it’s worth it to use old technology if it works for you. You don’t have to change just because there is something new out there.

That’s it. You can usually find a way to use older technology. The important thing isn’t always updating to the newest thing, it’s doing what’s right for your business.

Back to basics: the business need

First think about: Why are we changing?

Get back to the business need. Is the new technology going to save you time or money? Will it help you be better at what you do or help you become a better place to work? Crunch the numbers and see if there is a business case for the change.

Once you have decided to make a technology change that will help your business, guide your team throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition.

Here is a 5-minute recap of a webinar we did on this topic (you can click to download the slides):

Hold up: aren’t you an IT company whose business is technology?

So glad you asked! Our business is in helping people with their office technology, in a way that works best for them.

That doesn’t always mean making wide-sweeping changes. We actually built our core service, the Cloud Office, to allow our clients to continue to use older software, such as PCLaw, but in a modern, remote, and secure way.

Every office then has its own technology needs that require support. We are here to help, whatever those technology needs may be.

The bottom line

Technology can be overwhelming, but it also helps our day-to-day lives and our businesses. If you cut through the “noise” and just pay attention to what your business, your teams, and your clients need, the right technology will help bring you success.