Good tech support should include key soft skills.

If your business is looking to do a “digital transformation” and roll out a new workflow or software suite, here are two stats to keep in mind:

63% of CRM (customer relationship management) implementations fail.
70% of ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementations fail.

Therefore, you will need a trusted team of tech support folks to help you pick and implement new software. In the long run this approach will help your business run smoother.

But finding the right partner to help you with this is not always straightforward. Most small businesses turn to their IT providers as their “virtual CIO” for these initiatives.

Unfortunately, most small IT firms tend towards technical expertise and lack the soft skills and business acumen to be a true partner. The best tech support requires those soft skills to help you.

If you are thinking of a new project, consider a few things beyond just technical ability:

– What business experience does your key IT contact have?
– What is their history of making successful change in workflow for their clients?

We have learned that to achieve more, it’s best to have your IT provider be a true partner. Ideally you have someone you can ask about business strategy rather than just technical resources.