Did you know it’s possible to move PCLaw to the cloud?

You may have heard that you either need to run an aging PCLaw system OR switch to a browser-based software like Clio, but there is a third option.

Cloud desktops can help you keep PCLaw or any other practice management software

Virtual desktops allow you to run older software. You log into your work computer from cloud servers that live in a large data centre.

That means no server in your office.

No expensive upgrades to your server every few years.

No questions about server security and updates.

Instead, you can set all your software and files to run on a virtual desktop system from Canadian data centres that are staffed 24/7.

No asking your staff to learn a whole new software suite.

How to get PCLaw running on virtual desktops (and get rid of your in-office server)

Ask your IT support team about virtual desktop services. If you still have an in-house server, you won’t need it after switching.

When you inquire about virtual desktops, ask if your software will be stable on it. Our servers were designed from the ground up to make practice management software run as well as possible. Every new client remarks on how fast PCLaw is on the Cloud Office.

Ask about how the help you can get if PCLaw gives you issues. When our clients do need extra PCLaw support, we have access to expert third-party PCLaw experts to fix any problems or help with customizations.

Save money on PCLaw AMP renewals

Many of our clients are able to save the expense of their annual AMP renewals when moving to the Cloud Office.

What about other practice management software?

Any software can run on a good virtual desktop system. Take Clio, for instance: we have helped with Clio integrations to ensure clients are using it in the most secure way possible. We have also assisted several firms moving from PCLaw and Lighthouse to Soluno.

Our virtual desktop system in 45 seconds:

For more detailed information about running your older software on virtual desktops, refer to our 2023 IT Services Buyer’s Guide.