I heard about the Rainbow Registered program through the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, and I was immediately intrigued.

With the 2SLGBTQI+ community so close to our hearts here at Inderly, I knew I wanted to participate. So in 2022, we officially became Rainbow Registered.

Being Rainbow Registered is about committing to being an inclusive, supportive workplace for queer and trans people. We want to see a safer and more inclusive world and we’re proud to share it.

If you’re part of a company or organization in Canada that wants to commit to 2SLGBTQI+ inclusivity, and you want to be held accountable to that commitment, read on to check out the process.

Read the Rainbow Registered website

Check out the Rainbow Registered website, run by Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce and Tourism HR Canada. There are stories about Rainbow Registered businesses and information about the program. You can also find an application form there.

Assessment and policies

A really great feature of the Rainbow Registered program is that an assessor will work with you to understand where your workplace currently stands on 2SLGBTQI+ inclusivity. They will guide you and make suggestions if the policies need work. They will help you put those policies into practice. For instance, we added information about discrimination and inclusivity to client proposals and contracts. We also formalized our communication policies. This has helped us make sure we are using inclusive language in all our internal and external communications.

Keep talking about it and sharing

If you support safety and inclusivity for queer and trans folks as part of your values, share that. Talk about it internally as well. While we do that, we must also be open to adjusting our thinking, language, and policies as we learn and grow.

At the office, if you are looking for someplace concrete to start, check out our webinar on IT and 2SLGBTQI+ inclusivity. You can download our presentation notes. They include key concepts and terms, plus information about inclusive style guides, email signatures, and name changes. We also discuss the importance of supporting your team while taking their lead and understanding their needs.