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Extra security options for clients

If you have special compliance requirements or extra security needs, check out the below upgrades.

Security features already included in the Cloud Office

Inderly clients have security features included as part of their Cloud Office package. Cloud Office data security features include:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Tested, working data backups, including Office 365 (email) backups
  • Clients decide on per-user access rights to data
  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Safe file sharing
  • Configurable sharing rules
  • A secure data room feature that allows safe sharing of sensitive documents with outside parties
  • Antivirus and EDR (endpoint security software)
  • 24/7 human threat hunting

Options for adding on extra security features

Review the options below for adding advanced spam filtering, email reputation monitoring, and backups for work saved on your computer off the Cloud Office.

Advanced spam filtering
Monthly per user
Next generation spam and phishing protection
Better spam filter performance
Avanan email security: industry-leading spam and phishing protection above and beyond Microsoft's offering. Get less spam, more real emails to your inbox
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Email reputation monitoring
Total per month
Make sure your emails go to inboxes instead of "junk"
Give your domain the best reputation
We deploy an extra layer of tools to make sure no one is pretending to be you, and keep your email deliverability in good standing
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Computer backups and antivirus
Monthly per user
Protect your work off the Cloud Office
Security for your files saved off the Cloud Office
Remote backups and antivirus protection for files saved off the Cloud office. Your work on the Cloud Office is already backed up and protected
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