FAQs for Inderly clients

Here are some general Inderly FAQs.

Who is Inderly?

Welcome to Inderly, your new IT provider and IT support team!

Our goal is to make your work life easier by managing your technology systems. We take care of your computers, servers, files, and almost all the technology tools you use at work.

The Inderly help desk team is local to Toronto and Hamilton, and helps our clients with any issues or questions that arise.

Why should I contact Inderly?

Contact us if you have an issue with a computer, printer, internet, or anything IT-related. We strive to be your first point of contact for all things technology, so if in doubt, give us a shout! If we aren’t the right contact, we’ll either triage the issue for you or connect you with the right party.

When can I contact Inderly?

Our support hours are 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday, excluding stat holidays.

How do I contact Inderly?

Email: [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation email.

Phone: 416-860-3516. Press the support option – if you do not get an answer, leave a message with your issue and location and we’ll call you back within business hours.

What if I have an issue after hours?

Call us at 416-860-3516 and leave a message on our on-call line if you have a systems-down emergency outside our normal office hours. Systems down means you are unable to work – if this happens, please call and report.

Non-emergency support items are addressed during normal office hours, 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday.

Your Cloud Office system

What is the Cloud Office?

The Cloud Office is your virtual work computer in the Cloud. This is where all of your work stuff will happen – your files, Microsoft Office, PCLaw, Adobe, etc. We use the Cloud Office and all other Inderly systems for our own work, so we know it inside out.

Why the Cloud Office?

Working directly from a Cloud desktop is the fastest and most secure way to access your work files and applications. Because your work computer is in the Cloud, any failure of your own computer or laptop won’t cause you lost time – if your computer has an issue, simply grab another device and you can get right back to work!