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Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP – Miro Oballa

We are an entertainment law firm based in Toronto. We represent Academy and Grammy Award winners, production companies, artists and new media pioneers. We engaged Inderly for our IT services after they launched the Cloud Office. We value this “new school” approach because we have to be able to easily work from anywhere at a moment’s notice. The data security we have in place is also a must-have.

TOML law firm logo - Inderly IT client testimonial (Toronto)
Miro Oballa, Partner
Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP

ALAW – Tony Antoniou

A professional liability law firm, it’s important for us to embrace technology. With Inderly on board as our IT support company, we have cut out inefficient processes. This allows us to focus on being agile and responsive to clients’ needs. Our favourite part about working with Inderly is the help desk, technical expertise and peace of mind.

ALAW logo
Tony Antoniou, Principal Lawyer

Take 5 Oil Change – Maurice Filion

We are a busy retail franchise organization. Our services are quick and convenient. It is vital to have a top-notch IT support company to monitor our systems and keep our stores working at maximum possible uptime. I appreciate that my store managers and I can call on Inderly to handle new equipment, data recovery, questions, and any technical challenges that pop up during our work day.

Maurice Filion from Pro Oil
Maurice Filion, Operations Manager
Take 5 Oil Change