Setting up your Cloud Office virtual desktop system

You’ll need to go through a few steps to sign in to and secure your virtual desktop in the cloud. This initial set-up will take about 15 minutes. After that you will simply click on the desktop link to log on to your entire work computer.

Follow these steps – and contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues.

If you are using a Mac, before getting started please download and install the remote desktop app for Mac from the App Store.

Welcome to the Cloud Office – let’s get you fully signed in and ready to start working.

Using your mobile phone to approve Cloud Office access

1. Multi-factor authentication

The Cloud Office virtual desktop system is protected by a multi-factor authentication (MFA) program. Every time you log in to the Cloud Office, you’ll need to approve the login from your mobile phone. Multi-factor authentication helps keep your company data secure. You will receive by email instructions for setting up the app on your mobile phone.

Your Cloud Office password

2. Setting or changing your Cloud Office password

Using your computer browser, go to: https://cloud.[CLIENTNAME]/rdweb.

Sign in with your email address and temporary password (this was sent to you in an email).

Click the link “Your password is expired. Click here to change it” to change the password to one of your choosing. Your new password must contain 7 characters and one capital letter.

Current password: enter the password we gave you.

New password and confirm new password: enter the new password.

If you have lost your password and require a reset, please contact Inderly support: [email protected]

Downloading the Cloud Office

3. Download the Cloud Office links

Two links to the Cloud Office were sent to you along with your username and password. We suggest saving these links (the .rdp files) to your desktop for easy access.

Link 1: Cloud Office – Fullscreen

This link will “lock” you into the Cloud Office. In order to switch to apps on your local computer, press ctrl-alt-break (or ctrl-alt-pause). We suggest using the Fullscreen link when you are working 100% from the Cloud Office.

Link 2: Cloud Office – Windowed

This link will open the Cloud Office in a “window.” You can move, minimize, or exit by moving your cursor to the top of your screen to make the blue bar appear.

Use the “Windowed” link if you are using multimedia apps such as video conferencing or streaming (music, YouTube), as multimedia will be smoother running locally (on your computer) instead of through the Cloud Office.

Please note: When you sign into Skype or Outlook for the first time, you’ll need to enter your email and the password for your email account (this may be different then the one you set for the Cloud Office). You will be prompted 3-4 times to set up and activate these apps.

How do I sign in to the Cloud Office on a new device?

You can repeat the steps above, or access the Cloud Office using a modern web browser. This can be useful if you are signing in temporarily from another computer.

Access the Cloud Office web portal here: https://cloud.[COMPANYNAME].com.

BEFORE signing in, click the “Cloud Office Web Client” link.

This will take you to the “Work Resources” screen. Sign in here with your email address and Cloud Office password. Click on the icon to download the Cloud Office link.