What it’s like to work with us

Cloud Office

  • Ditch your servers, without changing how you work
  • Stop paying for expensive server and computer upgrades – no upfront costs
  • Access all your work from anywhere, on any device
  • Reduce the time you spend dealing with IT by 50%

Cloud Office Toronto IT

In the Beginning

  • We get to know your business and how you work best
  • We standardize and secure your networks
  • We migrate your entire computer to the cloud to work from any platform (phone, iPad, PC, Mac)
  • We help your work become more reliable, productive, and sustainable

Crisis Management

  • Your data is stored in a super-secure Canadian datacentre
  • Emergencies happen – fire, flood, storms, hacking – an offsite server keeps you working no matter what
  • 5 layers of security keep your data safe and secure
  • We work tirelessly to keep your business working during crises, at no extra cost

Getting Started

  • Changing is easy! We change where you work, not how you work
  • We know IT disruptions suck, so we work to make the transition seamless for you
  • We’ll be right there with you during the transition

Let’s Chat

If you have any IT-related question, call us and we’ll try to answer – no pressure.


Our IT platform includes almost everything you need for your company to get work done. It is available to you for a monthly subscription fee. Every business is unique. You may need a little more, or a little less, so drop us a line.

Are you a retail organization, or have more than 40 users? Give us a call for special pricing!

Pricing starts at 12 users and up

$160per user/month
  • All IT expenses including:
  • Servers (in the cloud)
  • Office and email
  • Unlimited IT support
  • Network, remote access
  • and more

Who We Are

Inderly is an IT platform that helps your business succeed. That means that we provide almost everything – network hardware, file-sharing, data protection, device monitoring, a friendly help desk – for one consistent monthly price. But we also provide guidance to you to make sure that you are leveraging information technology efficiently and effectively.

Colin Pearce is Inderly’s CEO.

Originally from Hamilton and now living in downtown Toronto, Colin loves many different types of technology – rockets, planes, cars, DJ controllers, communications systems. Having grown tired of selling businesses IT stuff they need, but don’t understand, he decided to create an easy platform that includes almost all required IT infrastructure. Now he can spend his time focusing on how to make your business technology work for your unique situation.

Get in Touch

Call or email us at: 416-860-3516 info@inderly.com